how much to charge for overnight babysitting

How Much to Charge for Overnight Babysitting?

Working as an overnight babysitter can be great fun, especially if you love kids and want to help parents out when they need you. You’ll want to ensure you’re charging fair rates to attract clients, but also enough to earn a good income. Here’s how much to charge for overnight babysitting so that you don’t undercharge or overcharge in your area and lose customers.

The Going Rate for Overnight Babysitting

You might be wondering how to charge for your services. $100 to $150 a night is a good rate, but it can vary depending on the location and time of year. I would suggest charging more during the holidays or in cities where rates are typically higher than average. Keep in mind that you should never just randomly throw out numbers. The best way to find out what people are paying for overnight babysitting is by talking to friends and neighbors. They will know better than anyone else about the going rates in their area.

If you live near an airport, college campus, or business district, expect prices to be higher, as those areas see a lot more demand. In general, being selective with clients helps set your rates because you’ll have less work (and time) invested in any family.

What to Consider When Setting Your Rate

When looking for overnight babysitting jobs, several considerations would determine the overall rates you should charge. These include:


If you are babysitting within a large city, you will generally charge more than someone living in a rural area. Families will be willing to pay more for your services because of the convenience and availability. Your location will also make a difference in how much they are willing to pay. For example, if you live in an urban center like NYC or San Francisco, families will be paying higher prices. This is because it’s easier for them to get away from work and pick up their kids. In this case, you may charge $100-$150 per night for overnight babysitting.

On the other hand, if you are living in a suburban town, people may only be willing to pay $50-$75 per night. It all depends on what is convenient for the family.

how much to charge for overnight babysitting


How many years have you been babysitting, and for how long? If you are new or a beginner, then your rates will be significantly lower than a babysitter who has been in their field for several years. They will be more experienced, which means they know how to handle difficult situations and children better. Of course, even employers prefer someone with experience over someone new. So it may be worth taking courses or volunteering as a babysitter to build up your resume and gain some experience before trying to find a full-time job. You can volunteer as a babysitter at Sitters For Scholars.

The number of kids

The number of kids is also a factor when determining the rate to charge. Parents will be willing to pay more for a babysitter who can care for multiple children at once. Some parents might want a babysitter who just cares for one child, while others want two or three.

Pricing will vary depending on the situation and how many kids you need to watch. There isn’t a set standard price so it’s best to talk to the family beforehand about their expectations. You may increase the rates when babysitting more than two kids. Usually, one person watching more than two children won’t exceed $150 per night. Remember that sometimes families don’t want to hire a babysitter who watches too many children at once because they are worried about their security.

The age of the kid

The age of the child will also play a role in how much you can charge. For example, families will be willing to pay more money if they are hiring someone to watch an infant or toddler than they would for an older kid (around 6-10 years old). Why? This is because infants require a lot more attention and care, making it difficult for someone else to do other things like taking care of another child. Infants may also cry throughout the night without warning, making it hard to sleep at times.

On the other hand, toddlers are typically pretty easygoing compared to infants or younger kids. Most toddlers nap during the day and stay up late. They may still be awake a couple of hours after their parents go to bed, but they’re usually not too disruptive. As a result, the rate for caring for a toddler might be around $30-$50 per night. Whereas, the rate for an infant could range from $80-$150 per night.

The level of commitment required

Some babysitters have a more difficult job than others. One family may need someone who is willing to stay overnight with their children, which can be taxing on your schedule. Others might need someone to watch their kids while they go out on a date or attend an event. If you’re okay with working overnight, you can charge more because there are fewer people available to do that job.

But if you want to work normal business hours, then you’ll likely charge less because there are more people available for that position. That said, it’s best to always discuss this with the family prior to accepting a position, since some families don’t want anyone who stays overnight.


The amount you charge for overnight babysitting will depend on various factors. It’s essential to research what other babysitters in your area charge. Also assess your personal experience and figure out what job responsibilities you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that setting your rates too high might deter potential clients. Alternatively, setting them too low will limit the number of jobs you get. Try to be fair and reasonable to both parties. Apply for babysitting jobs at Urban Sitter.

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